Class Descriptions


A lo-cardio workout based on Yoga moves and poses to music. This is a workout that leaves you feeling strong, centred and calm. Ohm...

  Pilates Core is a combination of Pilates moves using a Pilates chair, and a series of standing and floor core-strengthening exercises.  Over and above getting a cardio workout you will also sculpt your arms, legs, buns, thighs and abs. this is a great full-body workout!
2 A fun total-body workout using an exercise ball. It is designed to improve the strength and endurance of core; that's your torso, abdominals and back.


Kettlebell training is a full body strength workout like you have never experienced; you will leave part of yourself in the studio every class.

HiYa! Real Boxing Training; punch, block and sweat. Improve your cardio fitness, develop muscle and burn fat!!!   Take your health and fitness to the next level.

This is a barbell class that strengthens your entire body.You'll feel physically exhausted but emotionally charged.
 A high energy fusion of Pilates and Boxing... transform yourself into a tough, strong, lean, gracious machine. All in one class )(
6 Improve your flexibility and strength in this Yoga/Pilates hybrid.
9 Yoga utilizes specific postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to develop muscular strength, flexibility and body awareness. We recommend every member takes one yoga class a week, and we have the best instructors around!
12 Power Yoga is a fitness-based approach to Yoga with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. See Yoga as a way to workout.


A fusion of latin rhythms and easy to follow fitness moves.  It's an hour of calorie-burning fun ~ you will love working out!