2010 Olympic


Simcoe Health and Fitness Centre




  Olympian Feedback    



       03/03/10 - On February 27-28th Simcoe Health and Fitness Centre held their Olympic Weekend.  It was a full day of events, snacks, and spectators.  The Fitness Centre was full and jumping.  Simcoe Health and Fitness Center thanks all the members who came out to participate and make the event a success.Team winner was Pink. Followed are a few pictures from the event including set up, a jumping cardio station, strength training event, cheerleaders, and a few members that did their program 100%.

podiumjpeg  enterancejpeg

 squashcourtjpeg streghthtraining2jpeg

 everyonejpeg gomomjpeg


01/29/10 - Week one of the Olympics is complete.  You can now track your team points online!  Check it out!

       01/22/10 -  The 2010 Challenge has started.....As of January 18, 2010 the Simcoe Health and Fitness Members have been training for their Olympic event, let the games begin!  If you would like to see a list of the Olympic Teams, click here.  Join now and be part of a team of Athletes training for our Olympics which will be held February 27-28 2010.  Olympic events include; rowing, running, zumba, kickboxing, rowathon, kickbox, and more!  Come on in and get fit,  have fun, and win prizes from our Olympic Sponsors.



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