Cycle Class Description

Rookie Cycl

This is where you'll learn to indoor cycle. Take this group ride through a mix of beginner challenges. Focus on the ride and motivational cues to take you from start to finish; a big champion finish.                 45 minutes




AT 2
All Terrain 2

Take your body and your mind to the mountains, the beach, flat top roads or off road. This ride will challenge your endurance, your strength and your racing performance.                    45 minutes



 Iron Cycle Pump-up and Ride. Try this new class of weight training on the bike. Keep your heart rate up while you train  and burn more in less time.




Spin Sprint

Mix your workout up with this 30 minute class. A great distance for beginners and a nice sprint for intermediates.





Spend 20 minutes on the bike for an AT workout, then 20 minutes of steady CORE training, for your abs and back, in the studio.               45 minutes





Spend 20 mnutes on the bike for an AT workout, then 20 minutes of Strength and Tone in the studio.    45 minutes




Mountain Climb

Warm up and cool down around a steady steep ride. And if you like riding out of the saddle, this one's for you..."ain't no mountain high enough..."            45 minutes




Spin Storm

Ultimate in climbs and sprints... Go for it in this class!      45 minutes